Investor Solutions

Our intelligent methods are future-proof

Welcome to Mega Corporate, your provider for comprehensive, effective and efficient share registry, corporate action services, meeting management, poll voting and scrutineering services. Our suite of services is designed to optimize transparency, compliance, and engagement with your shareholders, ensuring a seamless and robust experience for all stakeholders involved. We currently serve more than 50 companies listed on Bursa Malaysia.

With our vast experience in the field and use of technology, we aim to elevate your shareholder management, providing tailored solutions that align with your company’s unique needs and goals.

Share Registry

We offer superior ongoing securities registration services customized to meet your company needs. We cover the following for you:

  • Compiling lists of shareholders, unit holders, and warrant holders, detailed analyses of share, unit, or warrant holdings upon request
  • Maintaining and updating the electronic register for listed securities, unlisted public companies and non-equity securities
  • Provide an Investor platform to update shareholders on: upcoming Corporate Events –details on Annual/ Extraordinary General Meeting and Corporate Exercises -Dividend payout, Rights / Bonus Issue Dividend Reinvestment etc. All forms and notices are uploaded on the Investor platform
  • Distributing annual reports, notices, circulars and forms. Request for hardcopy Annual Report / Circular can be done online via our Investor platform
  • Organizing book closures to determine entitlements for shareholders, unit holders, and warrant holders
  • Managing issuance and crediting of dividends and replacement of dividend warrants
  • Processing and registering issuing share / warrant / ICULS certificates upon completion of corporate exercise
  • Managing the allotment and placement of shares, units, or warrants
  • Facilitating the exercise of share options and convertible securities
  • Handling the consolidation or subdivision of shares or units
  • Preparation of ad-hoc reports confirming to Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) and Securities Commission (SC) requirements
  • Preparation of shareholders reports for filing or reporting purposes
  • Preparation of share movement reports
  • Monitoring / Upliftment of moratorium shares
  • Review documentation and advisory participant in corporate assignmen

Corporate Action Services

Our experienced and committed team of professionals will deliver expert assistance for corporate actions required by your company. We cover the following:

  • Rights Issue Exercise – Electronic Application (eRights)
  • Placement shares
  • Bonus Issue
  • Cash Dividend/ Share Dividend / Income Distribution
  • Dividend with Reinvestment Plan/ Income Distribution Reinvestment Plan (eIDRP)
  • Employee Share Option Scheme/ Share Grant Plan
  • Company Restructuring Exercises
  • Mandatory General Offer
  • Dividend Unclaimed Money Submission

It is our professional commitment to render these services in compliance with the requirements of Bursa Malaysia.

Meeting Management & Poll Voting

Our comprehensive solutions guarantee flawless execution, unparalleled coordination, and a hassle-free experience for your most critical gatherings, be it physical or virtual. Our robust poll voting system ensures an efficient transparent, hassle-free voting process, delivering precise results that instill confidence among stakeholders.

We will cover the following for you:

  • Arranging and managing your physical/virtual/hybrid meeting
  • Processing of proxy forms and shareholder registration
  • Monitoring shareholders and proxies’ attendance
  • Polling administration including vote count by way of digital voting
  • Appointing/liaising with the independent scrutineer

We will ensure meetings managed adheres to guidelines provided by the Malaysian Code of Corporate Governance and Bursa Malaysia.

Poll Scrutineering Services

In accordance with Paragraph 8.29A(2) of Bursa’s Listing Requirements, the listed issuer is required to appoint at least 1 scrutineer to validate the votes cast at the general meeting.

Our scope of service covers monitoring the entire registration process, monitoring the abstained votes and 2-tier voting duly verified and validated.

Our experienced scrutineers will ensure the voting system, process and results are fair, accurate and credible.

Please find our Investor Solutions Brochure here.